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The company address change notification

Dear customer:

How are you!

Thanks to the great support and cooperate with your company for a long time, the zhuhai unisoft, shenzhen unisoft should like to express heartfelt thanks to all of them. Due to the expansion of our business development needs and the company, since January 26, 2015, zhuhai unisoft and shenzhen unisoft will be relocated to new office address:

1、New office address: shenzhen longhua new district waves Hadley wei industrial park, 4th floor

2、Or the original contact phone and fax

3、According to the above address, please send goods

As a result of the company to move to you and your company bring inconvenience, we apologize! We will take this move for a new starting point, the distinguished customers wholeheartedly provide more satisfied service and cooperation, and thank you again for the support and attention from your company for a long time!

Notice is hereby given that the!
Best regards!

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