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CFOL 2011 shenzhen they will


On September 6, 2011, sponsored by zhuhai Flyin photoelectric the entire optical fiber CFOL 2011 shenzhen online will be held successfully. The Internet will be the largest in the moonlight exposition of calendar year 9 netizen, about 150 friends participate in the optical communication industry, including enterprise boss, industry veteran who, light century BBS several senior moderator and new industry; From the technical, quality, marketing, purchasing, personnel to sales, and other media, covering all professional optical communication; Including huawei, reiss kangda, WTD, south China university of technology is the source, developing communication, easy to float in the sky, prosper and Telecordia (foreigners), and other friends to participate in the company.

The net friend party held in shenzhen grand holiday hotel in the form of the buffet. Meeting at 6:30, optical fiber online market analyst Tang Rui miss the opening. Then vlon company general manager Mr. Rong came to power speech for everyone, welcome to the net friend to attend the activities and gratitude, and simply introduces the Flyin photoelectric co., LTD.

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