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100G Light module industry chain Teamwork


OFweek optical network - an independent r&d engineers do a light module s, has come to an end.

We will be on September 6, 2016-9 in shenzhen convention and exhibition center in the 18th session of China international exhibition on photoelectric, please visit our show 1 a65, give us a chance to get to know each other to enhance the friendship. At that time, we will display the following products: various models WDM, including XGPON WDM - the rate and the distance of optical module and blockbuster launch various series optical switch.

Under 10G and the speed of light module products, a research and development engineers to master the hardware and corresponding software design, can make the corresponding products on the market. Companies that led to the spring light module, and thrown at the exhibition.

Time into 100G optical module, is no longer a solo dance, this needs to be "(with TW (below), the detailed division of labor, do their job, as members of one body, under the brain that controls their innate function, coordination of the body to cooperate to complete the directives issued by the brain, thought that achieve action and behavior; Fit the TW 100G optical module design and development of the industrial chain, this paper from the TM of narrow and broad.

Narrow, 100G industry chain of TW need to integrate internal resources, refining the post setting, the 100G optical module from design to production jobs can be divided into, SI, software, hardware, PCB, optical structure, process, platform eight jobs; Eight positions and be short of one cannot. Since the industry in this profession, I not heard of the above eight jobs professional skills at the same time the great god.

Maybe someone will say, there are a few large multinational enterprise PLM can control, also can be extended upward to the customer market, down to the production and manufacturing. PLM jobs really understand the whole process of products from the research and development to the market, but the PLM hands-on design a 100G optical module, he was led to integrate eight TW duty engineer to complete. Perhaps some people say that can be purchased 100 g optical device, can reduce the optical this post. Yes, this is really a less jobs, but there is this position for the whole industry chain, just to put it off to let someone else to do. While 100 g light source device is the core of enterprise profit, if the profits not grasp, even can do is to help working device manufacturers, porters do light module.

General, 100G on the industrial chain of TW to need from chips and components suppliers to participate in, to need equipment dealer customer cooperation. 100G of the chip constantly upgrading from launch to maturity experience, just can have the PN number 3 times within a year of change. Many suppliers that have corresponding solutions or chips, early also can get the sample test, but often the sample test process, there are many small defects. With suppliers to TW, can you bring up the samples, even if lucky reluctantly out samples, ready to small batch verification, the supplier may also be said that behind us and updated version, that will be more stable, deliver customer tests pass, even if does not care the so-called stable version, our supplier cannot deliver on time. Do chip counterparts all know, in his own laboratory or within the company, can measure the problem of basic were measured. Module manufacturers with the design and Debug feedback is really the key to stable performance. Especially in the design of 100 g optical module, TW is the key for the.

Recently, someone asked me, why in the 10G product development, a company can develop a lot of different solutions, and 100G many modules in the process of product development company scheme is made of betrayal, the reason is that in the process of 100 g optical module design, the device is often business users, Internet users (the following abbreviation) for the user to set the design light module, their level of professional optical module could make module manufacturers without rhyme or reason. In the process of the whole equipment, the design of the network architecture, the user contact before light module manufacturers, chip suppliers have been approved for them to make out both chip parameters.

Product market research, the development of the supply chain, scheme determination, research and development design, customer support these jobs I have participated in flying in easy communication, support and cooperation from suppliers, user communication and support, to product design and development of these processes is point to point, point with the TW? TW throughout the industry chain has been formed, the team cooperation can go further.

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