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Flyin for all Olympic athletes thumb up in Rio


Chinese women's volleyball team finish has not yet dispersed the victory on the night of August 21 local time, Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games closing ceremony held formally.

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The course of struggle of the athletes in the Olympic Games, China won the women's volleyball girls the culmination of an abrupt end. At the moment, those of us in big trouble, witness athletes struggle for the media, have some say a lonely. It was hectic Olympic war, return to normal work inevitably feel.

For the Chinese sports delegation to Rio, heck, the Olympic Games is to summarize 16 days struggle process. 4 years from London to Rio, the world sports pattern profound changes have taken place, the change in Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games clearly reflected. On the map of world sports, Rio drawn on how to map of China?

Territory are normal ebb and flow

Landscape painting is the Olympics, is the most intuitive ones. After several days of competition, the Chinese delegation won 26 gold, 18 silver, and copper, total MEDALS 70, third in the medal table, the second highest total MEDALS.

The Olympic Games, the Chinese delegation in the gold MEDALS are transcended, the British team let many people by surprise. 26 nuclear also less than the last 12 gold MEDALS, and Atlanta Olympics flat gain. Chinese team in the gymnastics, swimming, badminton and other traditional strengths harvest reduce is the direct cause of this situation, and it also objectively caused the lost of "territory".

Of course, we are also delighted to see that the Chinese athletes success opens up new territory. Clock angel/palace Jin Jie won the gold medal in the women's racing team, bicycle China bicycle project implementation of the Olympic gold medal zero breakthrough. The 21-year-old Zhao Shuai record won a gold medal in men's tae kwon do. In addition, Chinese athletes won the gold medal in men's and women's 20 km race walking, and in the men's 4 x 100 meters relay RACES in fourth, create the relay event history of China's best record. In particular, is the Chinese women's volleyball team in the lang ping, led by the Chinese girl all the way "victory", after 12 years once again stand on the highest podium at the Olympics.

The age structure of the athlete is just one of the elements of landscape of the Olympic Games. The Chinese delegation of 416 athletes with an average age of 24 years old, a new low recently 3 session of Olympic Games. Among them, up to 73% of athletes in the Olympic Games for the first time. Including the candidates for the collective project, nearly 20 young player to take part in the Olympic Games gold medal for the first time, including diving Ren Qian player born in the year 2001.

Today, these young athletes has become a new force of Chinese competitive sports, leading China's competitive sports in the future.

The spirit of sports

Overall, China's athletes at the Olympic Games, in accordance with the Olympic spirit of faster, higher, stronger guidance, respect the rules, the pursuit of excellence, shows the good spirit.

Chinese athletes in the Olympic Games, a total of 12 Olympic record and the five world records. A total of 35 Olympic champion, 12 of the Beijing Olympic Games, the London Olympic Games champion won the Rio DE janeiro Olympic champion, lost in paradise at 3 consecutive Olympic champion, wu minxia 4 consecutive terms won 5 gold medal in the Olympics.

Chinese athletes continue to get rid of the influence of WeiJinPai theory, developed a more mature and healthy mentality. Chinese sports delegation, liu peng mentioned swimmer Fu Yuanhui, praised the spirit of self-surpassing, won MEDALS, not only to create the personal best, and in an interview with a personalized language, explained the enjoy sports, beyond the self, the pursuit of excellence of the Olympic spirit, represent and show the contemporary Chinese athletes confidence a bright and cheerful disposition, positive spirit.

New journey in Tokyo

There is no limit to the pursuit of excellence, there is no limit to surpass oneself. Rio Olympics just ended, the Tokyo Olympic Games preparation cycle has been open.

In fact, in Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games in the competition, quite a number of Chinese athletes have demonstrated the ambition to fight the Tokyo Olympic Games. Women's hammer throw silver medalist wenxiu zhang said, she is a military man, dare to win battles, not going to retire, will impact the Tokyo Olympic Games, the silver with the gold medal. To take part in the Olympic Games for the first time li qian at harvest a 75 kg bronze medal in women's boxing. She said: "want to be able to fight again in Tokyo, be sure to get the gold medal."

Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games the performance of individual projects, exposed the Chinese athletes in the run-up to some problems in the process. At present, the international Olympic movement is in change, in the face of the Tokyo Olympic Games cycle, ahead of time to prepare, China sports people to solve the deep contradiction.

State general administration of sports said ling wei, director of the tennis sport management center, the international Olympic committee (ioc) has passed the reform scheme of 2020 Olympic Games. According to the plan, the Tokyo Olympic Games will increase softball, karate, skateboard, rock climbing and surfing and so on five big 18 events. Analysis of the distribution of the 18 gold MEDALS, the first to benefit will be the host country of Japan. For the Chinese army, cultivating talents not happen overnight, these programs must be planning as early as possible.

Some young players in the "90 after" Rio performance shape, also can continue their ascent to 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, to continue for the Chinese sports medal competition. But there are some projects are facing new and old alternate, must complete this process as soon as possible, to ensure that new players can rapid growth, through experience, to perform in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Ling wei pointed out that, predictably, China's army in the Tokyo Olympic Games will continue to face challenges, in addition has the strong team USA, continuous power of the British team, hosts, Japan will take advantage of home court advantage, forming a bigger challenge. In fact, has been a steady rise in Japan in the past two Olympic gold MEDALS, gymnastics, swimming, athletics rise is especially obvious. China must make effective response measures as soon as possible.

----Source of sina weibo

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