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100G QSFP28 Passive Direct Attach Copper Cable

Flyin 100G QSFP28 to QSFP28 Passive Copper Cable assemblies are high performance, cost effective I/O solutions for LAN, HPC and SAN. The high speed cable assemblies meet and exceed 100 Gigabit Ethernet, InfiniBand EDR and temperature requirements for performance and reliability. The cables are compliant with SFF-8436 specifications and provide connectivity between devices using QSFP ports.

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Low crosstalk100 Gigabit Ethernet.
Wire AWG: AWG30, AWG26.Fiber Channel over Ethernet.
Low power consumption.InfiniBand EDR.
Small diameter cable design.Data storage and communication industry Switch / router / HBA.
Compatible to QSFP28 MSA.Data Center Network and Enterprise network SAN.

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ModelRateInterfaceSortCable DiamterTransmission Distance
FYDA-PP-**MB**10Gb/sSFP+ to SFP+Passive**AWG(24/30 optional)24AWG<10m, 30AWG<3m
FYAC-PP-**MB**10Gb/sSFP+ to SFP+Active**AWG(24/28/30 optional)24AWG<15m, 28AWG<10m, 30AWG<3m
FYDA-S28-**MB**25Gb/sSFP28 to SFP28Passive**AWG(26/28/30 optional)26AWG<5m, 28AWG<3m, 30AWG<3m
FYDA-QQ-**MB**40Gb/sQSFP+ to QSFP+Passive**AWG(26/30 optional)26AWG<7m, 30AWG<3m
FYDA-QP-**MB**40Gb/sQSFP+ to SFP+Passive**AWG(26/30 optional)26AWG<7m, 30AWG<3m
FYDA-Q28-**MB**100Gb/sQSFP28 to QSFP28Passive**AWG(26/30 optional)26AWG<5m, 30AWG<3m
FYDA-QS28-**MB**100Gb/sQSFP28 to SFP28Passive**AWG(26/30 optional)26AWG<5m, 30AWG<3m

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