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Quality policy

Flyin adheres to the quality policy of "customer first, quality first! Full participation, continuous improvement!". Adhere to the action guidelines of "No defect input, no defect manufacturing, no defect outflow".

  • Management indicators

     Market Defect Rate
    Fiber patch cord, calculated by connectors, <0.02%
    WDM, calculated by channels, < 0.1%
    PLC splitter, calculated by devices, < 0.1%
    Mechanical Optic Switch, calculated by pieces, <0.1%

     IQC pass rate: >95%; pass times / total inspection times * 100%

         IPQC pass rate:>98%; pass times / total inspection times * 100%

         OQC pass rate:>98%; pass times / total inspection times * 100%

  • Four key points

     Creat Standarization
    · All operations will strictly follow standard instructions

     Comply with Standards
    · 100% comply with standards

     Constant confirmation
    · Confirm the status and results (problems, causes, countermeasures)

     Continuous improvement
    · Improve towards a higher lever

Complete system review and risk control during supplier introduction; regular on-site inspections and coaching of suppliers; fair and reasonable trading principles.
Sampling inspection of incoming materials; implementation of RoHs environmental protection monitoring; standard storage classification and environmental management and control; safe inventory management principles.
Defective products are processed in a timely manner; statistical methods are used to control the product defect rate; the first batch of output and quality are analyzed to identify and evaluate quality trends; irregular inspections of the production line are made to achieve continuous improvement and maintain quality;
Sampling the finished product to ensure that the product quality meets the specifications; reviewing the product quality according to the production flow chart; and saving data for all produced products.
Reliability inspection is performed according to different product quality standards and customer requirements; the inspection process includes: test insertion loss, test return loss, ferrule end face, interchangeability, vibration, tension, high and low temperature cycles; internal test reports in standard format are provided.
Neat workshop environment and scientific production management: 6S safety and health management is thorough; Kanban management / target management implementation; all issues are made visible and quickly handled; stable and high-quality employees; turnover rate is below 5%.
  • Dust-free device workshop(1 million grade)
  • Visual management
  • Parameter/Appearance Inspection(100%)

Advanced equipment


Passed UCS AuthorityFlyinR & D, production and management system certification, passed ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system certification and ISO 14001 environmental management system certification

Our products comply with conflict-free mineral procurement policies

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