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After careful revision, and after a period of on-line testing, is now in zhuhai Flyin photoelectric technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Flyin photoelectric") in Chinese website ( is once again open to everybody. During the revision of bring inconvenience locations.

Flyin photoelectric founded in November 2005, is specialized is engaged in the optical fiber transmission system and optical fiber devices research and development, production of high-tech enterprises. Over the past seven years Flyin photoelectric rely on a strong r&d team, solid technical foundation, rigorous and thoughtful service, optical communication market has a very good reputation both at home and abroad.

The detailed products are:

1.Optical fiber transmission system, EPON system, wavelength division transmission system;

2.Passive components are: wavelength division multiplexer (AWG, DWDM, CWDM, FWDM, high speed, PLC optical divider, cone divider, circulator, optical switch, optical isolator, / splitter, polarization controller, MVOA, pump protector, collimator, etc., and its associated high power and polarization-maintaining device.

3.Active device are: OTU, OEO, OLT, ONU, optical module (SFP)/SFP + / XFP/QSFP X2 / CWDM/DWDM), optical transceiver, optical line protection (OLP) instrument, (OBP) light bypass protection instrument, pump light source, such as broadband light source.

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