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After the 100G era who sing leading role


Nowadays, information and communication industry is in the midst of the profound changes of the turning point. Intelligent terminal, the rapid development of wireless and wired the super rapid expansion in the broadband business, enterprise and large institutional data network scale expands unceasingly, more and more changes in changing people's communication experience.

In the face of bandwidth requirements which progresses by leaps and bounds, the development trend of future backbone network will be what kind? Which technology could become the mainstream in the aspect of network evolution? How to develop access to the market? Reporter recently interviewed during 2014 international exhibition of information communication, vice President of Shanghai bell zhong-hua guo.

Flexible backbone more intelligent

By 2015 backbone to transfer, and more on how to adapt to the clouds and optimization. With the change of people's consumption behavior, global social networks, media distribution, the rapid development of mobile broadband caused the blowout of the network traffic. Bell LABS research shows that by 2017, the backbone network traffic will grow by 320%. Explosive encourage more strong traffic growth of the bandwidth requirements, will also have a profound impact on network deployment.

At present, the present situation of the backbone network, presents the following characteristics: the first is the capacity of the consumption is fast, speed and capacity of escalating need long-term planning; The second is the long distance, different fiber types, programmable and flexible rate adjustments become necessary; Third is characterized by large flow, the flow pattern differences apparent, networks need more flexibility. In addition, the evolution of backbone network also need low cost, low power consumption, facing the future way of evolution.

In vice President of Shanghai bell zhong-hua guo's view, in addition to the development trend of backbone network bandwidth is more and more big, there are two very big changes. It is a high speed, long distance, large bandwidth of the network to facilitate its operational management. Another is the understanding of safety.

Previously to the understanding of the network security is how to protect the business during a business disruption, and now more attention to information security, more to consider how to at the time of transmission network load more business information security of the network itself is safe. "Zhong-hua guo said.

Zhong-hua guo said that the cloud drive a new round of backbone network transformation, by 2015 backbone to transfer, and more on how to adapt to the clouds and optimization. And backbone for cloud optimization will be more intelligent, extensibility, flexibility and programmable bandwidth, etc

It is understood that Shanghai bell being deployed for the cloud data center Nuage SDN solution, USES the operator level business awareness routing technology, compatible with the existing DC based network, according to the application requirements, build web services for tens of thousands of tenants automatically. In addition, the new innovative cloud management platform supported CloudBand, support business NFV efficient and flexible deployment and scheduling and provides complete ecosystem NFV.

In addition, in the communication exhibition in Shanghai bell 7950 XRS in the core router. Relatively widely deployed core routers, now 7950 XRS port density increased 5 times, and the energy consumption is decreased by 66%. In T - SDN development, based on 1830 PSS programmable ultra-high-speed optical transmission technology can greatly increase the "flexibility" of the network, to better cooperate with the implementation of dynamic cloud.

400G for a slightly higher

For 2018 years after the evolution of the route, it is 400G or 1 t depends on the traffic, now 400G for a slightly higher.

From 100G to 200G, 400G to 1 t/t + 1, the evolution of backbone route to understanding gradually. Zhong-hua guo for "China electronics news" reporter said, 100G of life cycle has been fully recognized, and the next 10 years will be 100G of the gold window.

It is understood that at present all the 100G is a big city, such as the three provinces in northeast old industrial base, beijing-tianjin-hebei, most coastal cities. In the first half of 2014, many provincial trunk also cover more important city.

Perhaps a few years ago, the industry is still in discussion when 100G transition will win general approval, when to start the 100G, 100G how compatible downward (forward) topics, such as the subject of debate and now make the industry quickly switch to 100G era, and over 100G is implemented and introduced. The next year or after entering into 100G era after the conference. "Zhong-hua guo said.

According to zhong-hua guo, 2013 operators began to scale deployment of 100G, 2018 100G deployment is expected to peak. For 2018 years after the evolution of the route, it is 400G or 1 t depends on the traffic, now 400G for a slightly higher. In July, Shanghai bell use its 1830 PSS - 32 platform, take the lead in the China mobile network opened in xi 'an now - zhengzhou - xinyang first domestic 400G network testing link now. From the point of test results, Shanghai bell several indexes of excellent performance.

Zhong-hua guo pointed out that the 400G opportunity may arise in China in 2018 years or so, but does not rule out 2017 has certain commercial, it depends on two factors: one is P2P (peer-to-peer) video traffic growth degree; Second, core router interface bandwidth requirements.

In zhong-hua guo's view, chips, modules, fiber optic cable is the three factors influencing the 400G future popularization. First, the change of the chip will cause the change of the servo circuit, resulting in a heat dissipation problem, will directly lead to error even burning machine equipment. How to effectively reduce the chip cost, meanwhile, has become a challenge. Second, how to make the module miniaturization of good heat dissipation problems at the same time. Third, the attenuation and dispersion problems of fiber optic cable.

G speed broadband operators layout

Operators are in G speed broadband layout, operators have clear requirements with GE interface.

With the steady growth of the end user demand for Internet bandwidth, access to markets around the world are moving in ultra broadband G speed. IDATE survey in 2014 showed that consumers expect ultra broadband service, and speed becomes the key to business promotion. More than 1100 applied for Google ultra broadband business community. The survey shows that consumers are willing to pay for uwb, among them, North America and Australia area users are willing to pay more than $100 a month, the European users are willing to for this spending more than $80 a month.

Shanghai bell fixed-line department director of product strategy and scheme Tang Yijun in an interview with "China electronics news" reporter said, gigabit measures to comply with national objectives and the needs of the consumers, but based on the current situation, could take decades to complete coverage of ultra broadband. "At present, the national strategic plan objectives, competitive environment, as well as the investment income prospect has become operators ultra broadband drivers. But the ultra broadband deployment takes time, operators covering the first commercially attractive is the focus of the urban areas." Tang Yijun said.

According to Tang Yijun, since the end of last year, operators are in G speed broadband layout, operators have clear requirements with GE interface. This year China unicom's latest terminal, in the technical specification clearly requires each terminal at least have a GE interface. China telecom "please me" products also requires terminal all GE interface, which means that the operator can at any time to provide users with the bandwidth of the G speed.

On recently at the 2014 international exhibition of information communication, Shanghai bell shows "G speed broadband, intelligent life" comprehensive solution, covering 1000 m "family" G speed wisdom of FTTH, adopts the Vectoring/G.F AST 100 m / 1000 m speed wire connected to the "G", support 100/300 100/300 / m passive LAN "G speed optical fiber buildings", and USES the LTE smallcell 300/500 / AP / 1000 m "G speed wireless city", can help operators network from MB to G speed easily.

Tang Yijun said: "these new technology provides more ultra broadband deployment options, operators through the solution, not only can deploy fiber family, also can be in any convenient location make optical fiber is close to the end user, and USES the vector technology provides over existing telephone line of ultra broadband speed. This means that the operator can choose through flexible technology and deployment, to achieve the fastest and most cost-effective and maximum coverage of ultra broadband access services."

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