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WDM-Tap Coupler-Isolator Hybrid Combination(980/1550nm)5951fdffa91a3.jpg
WDM-Tap Coupler-Isolator Hybrid Combination(980/1550nm)

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Performance Specifications

ParameterSingle StageDual Stage
Signal Operation Wavelength Range (nm)C band1530 ~ 1565
Pump Channel Wavelength Range (nm)960 ~ 990
Isolation (dB) (Over signal wavelength range @23℃, all SOP)≥30≥42
Wavelength Isolation (dB) (4 to 2 @λ signal)≥15
Wavelength Isolation (dB) (1 to 2 or 2 to 1 @λ pump)≥30
Insertion Loss ( over wavelength range and 0 to +70℃, all SOP) (dB)Pump Channel≤0.6
Signal Channel≤1.3≤1.4
Tap Ratio 1%19.0~21.0
Tap Ratio 2%16.2~18.0
Tap Ratio 5%12.2~14.0
Temperature Dependent Loss (dB)≤0.25≤0.3
Wavelength Dependent Loss (dB)≤0.5
Return Loss (dB)≥50
Directivity (dB)≥50
PDL (dB)≤0.15≤0.2
PMD (ps)(Low PMD Option)≤0.05≤0.05
Power Handling (mW)300
Operating Temperature (℃)-10 ~ +75
Storage Temperature(℃)-40 ~ +85
Package Dimension (mm)Φ5.5 x L38
Fiber TypeCorning HI 1060 fiber at common / pump port
Corning HI 1060 fiber or SMF-28e fiber at common port
Corning SMF-28e fiber at signal port

1.Above specifications are for devices without connector.

2.Specifications may change without notice.


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